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Essential Security Tips Every Woman Should Know
This selection of tips focus on exposing women to some of the critical tips they should consider especially in a case where one lives alone. Bearing in mind that about one in every ten women in America live alone, this selection is essential in making sure that women living alone are safe. Living alone to a woman comes with empowerment bearing in mind that it allows her to manage her time as well as keep her schedule. However, living alone also calls for one to be careful about his or her safety as you will read in this selection. This selection exposes you to some of the tips you may need to consider in your keeping your home safe even as you live alone.
It is always wise for one to consider having a printed list of emergency numbers. The first thing you should do whenever you find yourself in any kind of emergency is to call for help. It would be unfortunate in a case where you tried to access emergency numbers with no much success. In this selection, you will note some of the numbers you would need to both save in your phone as well as print them. It would be essential to consider listing medical emergency numbers, poison control numbers, friends and family who live nearby as well any other number you feel is critical in times of need. You would also need to have a local tow number, water, gas, car repair as well as any other pertinent number. It is also recommended that you have the list strategically situated just in case there is an emergency.
While safety alarm apps are best when traveling or commuting alone, they are also a good choice for a woman living alone. Whether you live alone or not, it would be wise to consider changing locks and repairing doors since you do not know whether your previous resident turned in the set of keys.
In a case where an intruder breaks into your home, you may need to consider having a weapon for self-defense. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby tend to be effective in both spraying a bugler as well as fire.

Extra lighting is also a safety tip every woman should know. While turning off lights tend to save energy, leaving some extra lights with blinds on tend to create an illusion that the house is inhabited by multiple people especially at night. You may consider installing motion-activated spotlights in a case where you feel that you must save energy especially if you live in rural areas. Whether you are always at home or not, it would also be wise to consider installing security cameras. You would consider hiding some at the entry point that will give a clear view of the intruder.