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Important Facts On Cryotherapy

The number of people interested in cryotherapy keep increasing because of the procedure’s potential benefits. Many proponents of cryotherapy associate the exposure to cold conditions with better health both physically and mentally as well as the improvement of mental health. Here are basic facts on cryotherapy which might interest you.

Any treatment which involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures is referred to as cryotherapy. Some potential benefits of cryotherapy are yet to be verified because the procedure is still new. Cryotherapy is thought to be a safer alternative for preventing and treating various ailments. Many people especially those not used to cold will find cryotherapy highly unpleasant.

The most common form of cryotherapy involves sitting in an extremely cold booth for up to five minutes. Facial cryotherapy which involves subjecting the face to cold conditions is another common form of treatment. There is also the use of cryotherapy wand for targeting specific parts of the body. Cryotherapy which is usually done in a spa or other similar setting is a non-medical procedure.
However, when doctors want to freeze warts or cancerous cells, they also use cryotherapy.

While cryotherapy is unpleasant it has potential health benefits since naturally the human body adjusts to lower temperature. The procedure is generally safe, but it is advisable that you talk to your doctor before trying it. Children, pregnant women, people with very high blood pressure as well as those with heart problems are highly discouraged to avoid cryotherapy. It can be fatal prolonging cryotherapy longer than the prescribed minutes. Any person going through cryotherapy must not sleep during the session and must time every session. The following are some of the benefits associated with cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy can help a lot in relieving pain and healing the muscles. People with sports injuries, muscle disorders and pain and even arthritis among other conditions can benefit greatly from cryotherapy. Health care professionals have all along advised people with injuries and muscle pain to use ice packs as a way of relieving pain. People with rheumatoid arthritis can get pain relief from cryotherapy and this has been proven by research.

Cryotherapy is also strongly associated with cryotherapy. When the human body is exposed to extremely low temperatures, it will work harder to boost metabolism in a bid to maintain the body temperature, and this encourages weight loss. Interesting is the claim that when one gets a few minutes of cryotherapy daily, their body metabolism can potentially go up and remain there burning calories the whole day.

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