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Benefits Associated With Genetic Engineering

A combination of great minds and technological advancements have lead to achievements and creations that would have otherwise been unattainable. Whatever good scientist of the past has attained has already been improved or surpassed through innovative and modern ideas as well as the process. A good example of which involved directly manipulating the DNA of an organism also referred to as genetic modification or genetic engineering. Coming from the words modify and genes, the whole process is something that has grown out of science fiction movies. Actually, that is how it used to be until it was perfected and made use of in actual applications. Genetic engineering rendered adding new DNA or altering the bad one possible. Discussed below are the benefits that are associated with genetic engineering.

To start with it has made a significant contribution to biotechnology research. Picture what individuals are capable of doing if they can manage to transplant genes from a single species to another. There are endless possibilities. In the biotechnology field, genetic engineering has made possible xenotransplantation or the process the involves transplanting living tissues or even organs to humans from animals or vice versa. The research demonstrated the possibility of utilizing organs of a pig as replacements for kidneys and human hearts considering that they have the same size and physiology. It also resulted in tissue engineering that is now seen as an alternative to cartilage replacements. Heart, valves, cerebrospinal shunts as well as other organs. Enough to say that a lot of things are capable of being achieved using genome editing.

Genetic engineering has given the hop of eradicating diseases as part of human existence. This might seem as though it is not possible at the moment. However, imagine what the globe would be if the diseases are removed from the equation. If bad genes that have been inherited from parents are diagnosed and removed the coming generation is going to be healthier and is going to for a longer time. Any genetic mutation that has resulted from environments mutagens might also be subjected to correction through genetic engineering. When a person’s body is rendered less prone to infections, mutations are capable of being controlled and diseases too. For instance, Alzheimer’s and cystic fibrosis are going to be no more. Genetic engineering makes it possible for researchers to isolate the precise gene that is the cause of diseases and illnesses providing them with insight into the cause as well as the possible cure.

Genetic engineering has the possibility of making diseases a total past, each person has a higher chance of having a longer, fuller and healthier life. Actually, according to studies done in genetic engineering, it has been shown that it is capable to increase human beings; life span anywhere between a hundred and one fifty years and this just entails slowing down the process of aging by altering the genome of a healthy individual. Combined with other processes of engineering, this is capable of being more than possible. These entail, treating infectious diseases through gene implantation with antiviral proteins and antigen.

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