Top 7 Tips To Access The World of WordPress Store Owners

1. How to Reach WordPress Store Owners?

So you want to reach the world of WordPress owners of stores. You can reach owners on WordPress fairly quickly by typing the words WordPress Store on the search engine within WordPress itself. You then get a drop-down list of all the stores available on WordPress.

Once you get the drop down list, you can then find your particular niche of stores that you want to target and attract and begin to build a system to become very attractive to these particular entrepreneurs.

2. Attract Store Owners

Becoming attractive to online shop owners on WordPress will require research. To connect with only those people that own stores will mean being able to provide store-owners with something they will need.

Knowing what the most important objective is to them will go a long way towards keeping you within their circle and attracting more like-minded clients. Posting news articles and the latest updates on pertinent topics for store-owners such as articles like Generate Online Sales Faster will go a long way.

3. The Main Objective

No matter what age, location or demographic they belong to, most owners have one thing in mind and that is to generate sales. Getting their products moving out the virtual door is the main goal. This is, after all, what will generate cash and keep business running with the passage of time.

Knowing that this is the objective of store owners will help you zero-in on what you can provide them.

Having a product or service that will get products of WordPress store owners moving out the virtual door is what will get you more clients.

4. Get The Word Out

To reach WordPress owners of stores, you can connect to your niche’s online influencers and begin to get the word out to store owners about a product, feature, app or service you plan to offer. It is not unlike reaching actual customers. The difference is that your customers or potential clients happens to be entrepreneurs on WordPress.

It helps to think of it as having a regular marketing strategy for normal customers except that the particular audience you have in mind happens to be people that own a WordPress store.

Building a relationship with these professional store owners can be done using the outreach possible by influencers. Subscribe to blogs, follow them on social media accounts and be specific about your target store-owner. You can also comment on blog posts, respond to updates on Facebook and even tweet back on Twitter.

The point is that you need to get into their circle of influence and within their radar to get noticed and build credibility as a service or product provider.

5. Blogging Helps

To attract the store-owning clientele on WordPress, it helps to have a blog. Posts like Top Ten Tips for WordPress Store Owners will be sure to catch their attention. You can even include tweets and posts you have done on other sites to gain credibility even further.

6. Build A Relationship

Most WordPress store owners are in it for the long run. For the most part, each store owner would have carefully put together a social media integrated strategy to advertise and promote their site and products. They will usually have more than a few traffic-generating techniques that they are putting into action.

As a way to attract entrepreneurss, you will need to put something similar into play. Plan a strategy of integrated marketing and traffic generation. The difference is that your particular traffic happens to be those people that own a store on WordPress.

Building a long term relationship will mean consistently keeping in touch, providing services and seller-products they are interested in and new methods of attracting customers that they will want to jump on. Being ahead of the game really is the key. Remember, their sole purpose of existence is to get products moving out of their store.

If you can prove that you can consistently help them generate sales with what you provide, you can be sure to build a long-term relationship with each store owner you connect with.

7. Welcome Feedback

In every area of virtual existence, improvement comes from being open to feedback and tweaking your services to suit the needs of your clients. This includes store owners on WordPress. Find out what they like and what they don’t.


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